My Story

Why Scenar?

I would like to begin with my story about Scenar for those of you who like more technical and in depth version I have provided links into RITM where the Scenar Technology originates and Scenar Health my Trainer Chris Mortensen’s website & Scenar Institute developed by RITM and Chris Mortensen – Scenar Health which pretty much sums up Scenar Technology not much point in me reinventing the wheel so to speak.

I was first introduced to Scenar Technology in 2006 by a lady who was doing some network marketing ventures at the time and she had a blue scenar made under license in the Netherlands 2003 model.

She had told me that the scenar took pain away that arthritis was causing and that she was in town to treat a client that had arthritis. That this Scenar does lots of wonderful things but mainly that it helps relieve pain.  I thought yeah right we had been taught in Massage School that we could sometimes ease pain with massage and there were drugs that could ease the pain, I also knew that diet and lifestyle played a big part in some of the causes of arthritis as well as a lot of other dysfunctional things that happen to our bodies.

Anyway this Scenar played on my mind, then a friend of mine came back from Australia with one, she had been attending a Conference and from what she had been told Scenar does all these wonderful things and got one of these Scenars then she started telling me as well as others the wonderful unbelievable things she had been told this Scenar could do. I told her about the other lady with the scenar and off she went to find out more and that was it!

I had to investigate so I did. The Massage New Zealand Conference also had a stall (Enlightened Therapies) with the scenar technology of which I asked in depth about the scenar.  I was emailing and on the phone to Enlightened Therapies, wow it was going to cost a bomb (a lot).

How on earth was I going to do this?  Well I went to a business adviser who had a friend who was a Doctor.  I handed over all the information that I had been given including the test stuff from McQuarrie University and that was done with an enar which is a Chinese copy of the SCENAR made in Hong Kong.  All the information was investigated and the words used that came back to me were – It has Merit go for it. – Where there is a will there is a way and I was going to find it so I did called a bank and got a clinical package.

The package consisted off a blue scenar made under license from the Netherlands, an enar which was made under license in Hong Kong  , an OLM energy blanket , a cotton cover for the blanket, a hair probe and a y probe and paid for level 1 and 2.   I could not help myself I had to start using the scenar, I couldn’t wait until I had done level 1, I read the manual and had done a lot of research on the internet but what ever I was doing it was working.  The pain was going away from the people I was using it on.

I went to Sydney and did level 1 with the Trainer Chris Mortensen who had left Enlightened Therapies, concentrated on his own business Scenar Health and has since developed with RITM to bring about the RITM Scenar Institute.

All I can say is WOW!  I came back home inspired as did I with level 2, level 3 (Trainer Chris Mortensen) & the Master class with the cosmetology course tagged on. The Trainers Alexander Revenko and Galina Sabotina . We had an interpreter who spoke 7 languages he was fantastic whom I might say had some fantastic stories of his own. The Master class totally blew my mind the doctors were incredible.  This is when I had my turn being treated by one of the Doctors, this is when a later white 2008 model of Scenar Scenar 2008was used on me and it felt different and it made a difference to my face which was red before we started the whole class was witness to that.  As soon as I had an opportunity I got a white Scenar Pro + from the Russian Company RITM who had established themselves in Sydney.

I have used scenar on myself for lots of pains but the more significant injuries that I have had and used scenar on are:

May 2007

Thick pumpkin soup exploded in my face and a big blob of it landed on my forehead right between my eyes and when I wiped it off with a paper towel jumping around the kitchen screaming it took the skin straight off with it, I was in intense pain – now I truly know what real burn pain feels like well on a small scale anyway. Out with the scenar straight on the burn, the pain intensified but it went away then I took the scenar off but I had to keep putting it back on when the pain came back not to mention this is how I went to the Weston Price Seminar holding a scenar on my forehead, must have looked weird. A week and a half later the brown patch fell off and I was left with a pale pink patch which later faded. You would never know I had burned myself there with thick pumpkin soup that had erupted out of the pot, you should have seen the walls. There have been no ongoing problems since.

Then I rolled my ankle July 2007 going down the back door steps the outside light did not come on and it was one of those pitch black nights with no moon in sight I was also holding my daughter and had a teenager right behind me saying “hurry up, hurry up I’ll be late”, over I went on the edge of the concrete step Crack! Crack! Crack! Couldn’t fall there was a child in my arms, couldn’t see a thing I’m sure my ankle was at 90 degrees it sure felt level with the step anyway I stood back on it Crack! Crack! I gasped no third crack and the pain kicked in as I hit the wall of the house with my free forearm breaking impact. Put my daughter down, got the light put on hopped inside applied the scenar and turned it up, that took the pain away had to leave it on for a while, then kept putting it on whenever the pain came back. Went to the hospital with pads attached to my foot wire leads were connecting them to the scenar and I just took the scenar off standby every time the pain came back. Telling the A&E doctor at the hospital that I had not used ice or had taken any drugs for pain was a different story, the doctor did not get what the scenar was doing for me (I did not explain it well enough) and that I did not need pain killers or anti inflammatory but I took them and put them in my pocket just to keep the peace, x-rays showed no breaks in the ankle (it sure felt like it). So I had no drugs, no ice, some physio and some chiropractic, some massage and frequent scenar therapy. I was back working on the 3rd day after the injury. The stability came back very quickly and I attribute that mainly to the scenar. I have had no problems with that injured ankle since.

Cow wow! 2007

Went to visit friend with dairy farms, got there had to go out on back of 4 wheeler motorbike with farmer to check farm next door as farmer in charge of other farm had to leave urgently and fly to Auckland. Found cow lying sprawled out voicing a really low Mooooooo (sounded like last breaths of asking for help). Farmer said milk fever – mastitis, it’s nearly dead. We then zoomed back to other farm to get needle and intravenous fluids, 3 bags of different mixtures, bucket of warm water and I grabbed my scenar. Got back to the cow holding on to the motorbike and stuff with evil kin evil driving, both of us had to sit cow up – a mission on its own, farmer mainlined needle into vein in neck, hooked up intravenous fluids, farmer braced cow in position while I squeezed fluids in, cow closed eyes after last bag of fluids and went totally limp. Farmer taps on eyes – lids closed, no response, pulls eye lid back, taps on eye no response, “ oh no its died, we’ve lost it” I said “ no we haven’t I‘ve got scenar, watch this I’ve been told it works”. Turned it on 350 hz, P = 250 H, 3 points on the nose where I thought it should be, after 3 goes it came around and opened its eyes, I then changed power to low 118, 350 hz, sk 2, put straight on leaking blood vessel 2mins still leaking a little so back on for 2mins sent a jolt through the cows body, then it had stopped bleeding. I then felt with hand down back for temperature change, done 3 + 6 half the power for the face which had skin contact, by this time the cow was sitting up on its own, back up to P = 118 L and done slow circles on both sides covering the stomach area – large, of which the cow was burping. You could tell by cow’s eyes that she was going to be ok. Farmer tried to get cow up as that is what farmers do. The cow wouldn’t budge. I said to the farmer it will be ok because the eyes tell me that. 2hrs later farmer went back with tractor and hip lifters to lift cow, as soon as the cow seen the tractor it got up and took off down the paddock. Was with rest of the herd next day and is fine.
I just acted and done what I felt was right (with the training that I had done) at the time.

May 2008

I had gone around the back of the house to feed the pigeons when I was coming back I went to jump up onto the wooden decking and the foot I pushed off with slipped from under me because the grass was frozen and I hit the corner of the wooden deck literally full force of my body onto my lower shin. The damage the decking done had left an indentation in my lower shin the size of a ¼ corner of a match box could have quite easily slotted in my leg and the pain was intense, I could not put any weight on my foot at all. I limped inside and it was a mission to get there as I felt like I was going to pass out, grabbed the scenar put it on the pain until it subsided then attached the pads, put the leads up through my trousers, put the scenar on in my pocket, jumped in the car and went to work (25mins travel). By the time I went to start work the indentation had gone (lower leg was swollen) I was able to put the scenar on standby and put in back on the area when the pain came back (whenever I had a break), the swelling went down every time I used the scenar on the area. I have had no problems in this area since.

Apart from being a brilliant pain management tool Scenar Therapy works on the whole body stimulating the body’s own natural healing process.

Christina Spencer

SCENAR Practitioner, Dip. Therapeutic Massage, other training in Fascial Kinetics, Reiki and Aromatherapy

Authorised Distributor of RITM SCENAR products & accessories. Authorised Training Organisation for New Zealand licensed to RITM SCENAR Institute Pty Ltd.