Testimonials – Southland, NZ

  • Testimonial – Anita Hayman

My name is Anita, and I had a breast reduction. I was receiving treatments from Christina Spencer, and using the home SCENAR in between treatments. I had an infection that I was told by my doctor could take up to 8 weeks to clear. This was quite normal after reduction surgery. I used SCENAR and the results were amazing. I only used SCENAR on the infected side. The infection was all but gone in 4 days. The district nurse was very surprised at the speed of healing. I saw the surgeon 5 weeks after the surgery; he thought that the healing and scar tissue looked great. My scars looked like they were older than 5 weeks, with no redness or thickened scars where I had used SCENAR. Most women who have had this surgery ask if I have sensation in my breasts. My answer is yes. They all have lost a lot of sensation. I had very little sensation in the right breast, but when using the SCENAR the feeling was returning. I also had been receiving physio for my neck. I had been treated for 3 months and decided to have some SCENAR treatments. 3 treatments and the pain was gone, and full mobility was restored. I would recommend SCENAR to anyone.
The photos were taken 8 months after the surgery. The breast with the unicorn tattoo is the one that the SCENAR had been used on. This was the side that was infected and I expected bad scars as a result of the infection. As you can see the difference in scars is quite amazing.

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  • Testimonial – Mel Blake

Thursday 28th May 2009 sustained a right shoulder injury pulling down a fully laden trailer and while trying to hold it down it took off on me, my arm with it. I pulled the trailer back down but the damage was done.
It started off with a burning, tingling sensation radiating down the right arm and intensified as time went on, I carried on working but the pin kept getting worse to the extent where I was in hospital the next day by ambulance.

Friday the 29th May 2009 Christina first applied scenar on the painful area that afternoon when I was still in hospital.
Sunday the 31st May 2009 drugged up to the eyeballs on morphine I came assisted – almost carried in – to the Scenar Home Training to be treated by Vincent Bowyer, ahhh the treatment was so wonderful the scenar took my pain away and I was able to walk out unassisted, my pain levels were off the scale even on the drugs. I had relief for about 1 1/2hrs. I was treated the next day also and the relief from pain extended out and lasted longer.
I went off all drugs and believe me I was on heaps!
After continuing with treatments I was back to work after 3 weeks to the amazement of everybody. Still continued with treatment and it was 1 ½ months before I started lifting anything heavy – 25kgs.
If it wasn’t for the scenar I would still be on drugs and I would only be on light duties.

I have reinjured the shoulder in the same area from 2 boxes landing on from above at work in a supermarket, I have had some scenar and it has made a difference but I need more, but in saying that I am fully back at work and full steam ahead thanks to the scenar.

Thank you very much to Vincent Bowyer and Christina Spencer for all their time and patience in helping me get back on track. Thank you once again!

Mel Blake

  • Testimonial – Don & Dawn Wallace

I have a recurring shoulder problem from years of wear and tear with my work.  Nothing brings relief for any length of time, apart from treatment with the scenar.

After a session with this amazing treatment I regain freedom of movement and flexibility for quite some time, and am able to work much more comfortably.

Don Wallace

From a fall off a ladder onto my back, landing over a small stool, I was in great pain and after 5 days could not get off my back and out of bed without a lot of assistance.  I was at this stage taking up to 20 pain killers a day, with no relief.

Feeling nauseous and desperate we called Christina to see if she could help.  Oh, if only we had called her earlier!

After just one and a half hours of scenar treatment, I was able to get myself out of bed and onto my feet.  2 more treatments and I was moving reasonably freely…with no more pain killers, (no more nausea) and no repercussions whatever.

We are so thankful for hearing about the scenar and its way of being able to ‘kick start’ the body’s healing process when injured.

Dawn Wallace

  • Testimonial – John

I’ve been getting massages for approximately 10 years from a number of providers.

As a sufferer of Bronchitis, regular massages are recommended to assist with the shifting of any mucous to ease breathing.

Christina at ‘Scenar & Massage Therapy’ has been my therapist now for the last 3 ½ years with fantastic results, with both Deep Tissue and ‘Scenar” treatments.

My treatments have not been limited to my bronchitis, as I have benefitted from massages to arms, legs, shoulders and chest.

‘Scenar’ treatments have certainly been a marvelous improvement to modern treatment of aches, pains and other ailments. As a non-invasive form of treatment, I have found this as an excellent alternative to deep tissue massages.


  • Testimonial – Ka

“I went to see Christina for a massage, as usual she asked if I had any problems, so I told her I had an extremely severe headache (which I have never had before), she offered to do a scenar reading.  This reading pin pointed problems with my tailbone and neck vertebrae which suggested something was out of lineament in my spine.  Christina proceeded to do the scenar on me and then finished off with the back, neck and shoulder massage, by the time I left (90 minutes later) I only had a the slightest ache, the next day I had no headache and to this day it has not returned!!”